10 Bad Cleaning Habits You need to Break

Everybody likes a clean and beautiful space but when it comes to cleaning our homes, we all tend to make mistakes. These habits not only add hours to our cleaning time but also make our effort ineffective. No matter how many new tips or hacks you learn, but you can’t follow up those until you don’t get rid of bad cleaning habits. So it’s important to learn from our mistakes that’s why we are present some common bad cleaning habits you can break up.

1. Using too much Cleaning Product

Most people have this habit of using an excess of a cleaner or laundry detergent because they think that it will solve all their cleaning issues. But in reality, using too much cleaner can cause more damage. If they are not rinsed properly, the residue might become a dirt magnet and attract more dirt.

Before starting up, do read the instructions and use the correct amount at all times or even a little less. By this, you will save your time and money on the extra product and the water to clean it away.


2. Not Washing Sheets and Towels Often

Other than clothes, even the sheets, and towels to get filthy. Untidy towels can also cause mildew growth. So if you want your towels and sheets fresh and less stinky, do wash them at least once a week and just cut this habit out.

3. Using Harsh Chemicals

The use of harsh chemical cleaning products is also one of the bad habits just like using too many cleaning products. People think these products will offer a better result, which is not true. Besides, these harsh chemicals are dangerous to only you but the environment as well. They can even damage the surface or the equipment on which it has been used. So it is recommended to use a gentle disinfectant and deliver the best result.

4. Pile-Up of Dishes

Most of us have this habit of leaving the dishes on the sink and hence collecting a huge pile of dishes. But do you know that leaving these dishes on the sink leads to the breeding of the germs and insects which can cause health issues.

Therefore, it is better to wash them right after your meals and try to encourage the other family persons to do the same.


5. Using Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes can be used for a quick wipe down, but that little square cannot completely disinfectant the whole surface. Also using it further will simply spread bacteria from one surface to another. Since the wipe should contain enough amount of disinfectant moisture to clean a different surface. So better use a clean cloth with adequate disinfectant for a thorough cleaning.

6. Dirty Cleaning Tools

Did you ever pay attention to the cleanliness of the cleaning tools? No, then you should be. The devices that have been doing all the housework to get dirty. So take the time to thoroughly clean the devices after each use by completely emptying or washing them in hot water and applying a disinfectant.

Like if the washing machine has an odour of detergent build-up, then your clothes will stink. So make sure that after every use, simply wash and sanitise the washer.

7. Ignoring Product Directions

We think of ourselves as an expert when washing, and not read the instruction label which sometimes leads to a fail cleaning operation. This is yet again a bad cleaning habit. The manufacturers suggest how to use, how much to use, and where to be used. So it is best to follow these instructions to avoid any damages or worse.


8. Storing Cleaning Products Incorrectly

This is another bad cleaning habit you should be breaking off with. You are spending hours finding the right cleaners and equipment, but don’t store cleaning supplies properly. You can split the cleaning products and store them near each cleaning area. Like bathroom cleaners, in a small plastic carryall, you can keep all the laundry products safely in the laundry room. This way your products will be organised and can be easily looked for.

9. Waiting Too Long to Clean

Most of us keep on waiting until the house becomes messy and dirty and is also the most challenging habit you need to break. Not only it takes a lot of time, but it also takes extra effort to get rid of those spills. So if you do a bit of cleaning every day, it won’t be tiring to clean the entire house. Try to include your family members and make it a fun chore. For laundry issues, look for some good laundry services near you.

10. Clutter Surface

There is always a mountain of paper, magazines old souvenirs lying around and these can take a considerable amount of space in our homes. Don’t let them do that.
Designate a spot where you can store all the paper and hold a recycling bin nearby. Select the appropriate action once a week, and complete it. The same can be done with the newspaper and magazines.

We must live in a safe and hygienic surrounding. For that, you should stick to a daily cleaning schedule to keep your house clean. Since you are never known how these bad cleaning habits can affect you as well as the environment.

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