10 Things That Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

Germs and bacteria can be found on plenty of things around the house and the place that tops the list is the toilet since they harbour as many germs and bacteria. Several less obvious places are even dirtier and have even more bacteria than a toilet because we don’t realize how dirty they are and therefore don’t clean them as often. So here are the things that are dirtier than your toilet seat.


1. Carpet

We know you won’t believe that a carpet can be a home to 500 times of bacteria than your toilet seat contains. This occurs when the carpet accumulates the food particles, pet hair, pollen, and other sorts of dirt.

So our tip is that you should vacuum this surface once every week. If you vacuum can’t reach that surface, then you better hire some professional cleaners for the deep cleaning.

2. Keyboards

Even computer keyboards get touched up all day and those little space between the keys are some sort of magnet that attracts food crumbs and retains a lot of germs and dirt. You know what; they are five times more germ-ridden than a toilet seat. Also, these bacteria can linger for hours or even days after contact.

So next time before using it, do flip it over and tap the food crumbs out. Also, use a disinfectant wipe to remove the germs.


3. A Clean Laundry

You might be wondering how could a clean laundry is dirtier than a toilet seat. According to the Plumbworld Blog, “Every time you put a load of underwear into the washing machine, you could be transferring 100 million E. coli bacteria. Plus these bacteria can easily harbour on the front-loading machine because they provide an ideal environment for bacteria as water tends to sit at the bottom. So it is obvious that they will stick to your next washes.
So how to prevent this? The best is to disinfect the washing machine with some good cleaning products or bleach at least once a month and wash this underwear separately.

4. Handbags and Purses

The bag that holds up all your essentials might also have a lot of bacteria. According to the study it is found that a handbag could have up to 10 times the germs as that of a toilet seat. The handle is the dirtiest part of the handbag.

If the handbag can be washed then do if often or use a good disinfectant wipe to clean the bag. Also, try to avoid keeping your bags on the floor.

5. Restaurant Ice

The ice that has been served by fast-food restaurants had more bacteria than the toilet water. Yikes! This is because either they are cleaning their machines or they don’t use clean water. So next time you order a drink, we would recommend you to have it without ice.

6. Cell phone

The cell phone is the most frequently used item. You use it in the bed, while eating and use in the bathroom (for that toilet time scrolling). Because of this, they are covered with the bacteria from everything else you touch and every surface it touches.

To kill those bacteria it is recommended to clean the surface with a bit of rubbing alcohol, clean water, and a lint-free microfiber. And at least try to avoid using your phone in the toilet!


7. Kitchen Sponge

Kitchen sponges are not just dirtier than your toilet seat, but they’re dirtier than any other item in your house. They harbour the largest amount of E. coli and other faecal bacteria in the average home (10 million bacteria per square inch). Also if you use the sponge to clean countertops, you are spreading a fine layer of the bacteria on the surfaces.

This mainly happens because you tend to use the same sponge for a long period. So it is best to simply replace it after a certain time.

8. Reusable Shopping Bag

Although reusable shopping bags are eco-friendly; they also one of the dirtier things than a toilet seat. Each time you load in groceries, the bacteria from unwashed vegetables and other products also go into the bags. Once the bags are emptied, these bags are kept in some drawer until the next shopping trip. This again encourages the growth of the bacteria.

So it is recommended to wash these bags after every use so that the germs just don’t linger.

9. Cutting Board

Cutting boards are among the worst offenders because bacteria can get stuck in the surface’s tiny cuts and nicks. The average cutting board has 200 times more faecal bacteria than a toilet seat.

After every usage, the cutting boards should be washed in soft, soapy water and separate meat and vegetable boards should be available.

10. Elevator Buttons

According to a report published in Open Medicine, elevator buttons in public spaces such as office buildings and hospitals may be harbouring more germs than toilet seats.

If you have to take the elevator, then wipe down the elevator buttons or probably or sanitise your hand once you reach the floor. Or maybe take the stairs and leave the elevator behind!

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