10 Things you should never put in a Washing Machine

The washing machine is the most convenient appliances compared to hand wash. On has to put their dirty clothes and with just the push of a few buttons they all come out clean and new. However, when it comes to doing the washing, there are other more important things one should learn as well, like what can and cannot go in the wash. Otherwise, you might not just damage the clothes but your washing machine as well. Here is the list of everything that must be unplaced into the washing machine at all times.

1. Running Shoes

It is totally fine to wash a white sneaker in the washing machine for that extra whiteness, but the same won’t work for your running shoes. The constant spinning and heat from the machine can cause the shoes to shrink and difficult to wear. So before starting up, you better the care label. If the tag says they’re machine-friendly then remove the insoles and put the shoes in a separate pillowcase.


2. Swimsuits

Swimsuits are built to be in the water, but they are not meant to be washed in a washing machine. The mechanical motion of the machine can damage the straps and interior structures of the swimsuit. Also, most of these have zippers and hooks can cause tears. Alternatively, use the cold water and mild detergent to hand-wash your swimsuit.

3. Rubber Mats

Many types of bathmats and rugs can be machine washed, but avoid washing those rubber mats in the machine. This is because the heat from the washing machine will loosen the adhesive which holds the rubber to the bathmat, causing it to fall apart quickly. Or the rubber backing may fall off and stick to the drum’s interior, which leads to damage to the machine.


4. Lingerie

Tossing your lingerie with the rest of your clothes in the washing machine is so simple, but sadly it can bring damages to both the clothing and machine. The hooks and wires in your lingerie may stick to other garments that result in rips and tears. Moreover, they might be stuck on the machine parts and destroy the interior. Therefore, it better to hand wash those or place them in a mesh bag before putting it in the washing machine.

5. Garments stained Flammable Fluids

Never put the garments that are soiled by flammable fluids like motor oil, alcohol, paint, etc. in tot the washing machine. The reason is that it can instantaneously combust and cause a house fire. Therefore, it is best to pre-soak these garments in water and some detergent before putting it in the washing machine.

6. Items covered in Pet Hair

If the pet sheets, bed are covered with fur, then they shouldn’t be thrown into a washing machine. Just how a hair can block the bathroom drain similarly the pet hair can get stuck at the filters and blocks drain pipes. One should get rid of that hair before tossing it out.

7. Coins

None of us would put those coins in the washer intentionally, but there is always the risk that you would fail to clean the pockets of the clothes. Doing this may cause some serious damage to the machine. The coins can harm the drum or might get stuck in the drain pump and block the water. So always clean your pockets to avoid this mistake.


8. Embellished Clothes

Embellished clothes don’t belong in the washing machine because they are too fragile and the wash cycle can damage them. So these fabrics should be handled with extra care. You can either hand wash them or take these to a drycleaner.

9. Solid Foam Pillows

If you don’t want to turn your favourite pillow into a shredded foam, then never wash them in a washing machine. The spin cycle of the washer can damage the foam structure. You can either give them a gentle rinse or do the spot cleaning to keep it fresh and clean.

10. Excess Laundry

It may seem easier to stuff as much as one can into your washing machine, but doing so will not give you any benefits. The clothes will never get cleaned and could damage your washing machine. To keep your washing machine safe and ensure thorough cleaning of your clothes, then you should fill the machine with a limited number of clothes at a time.

So these are a few things which you should better keep away from your washing machine. If there is any advice you want to give us; we’d love to hear about it. Also for any laundry related issue, we recommend you give Launderette a try. The launderette is a professional laundry services provider in Delhi and NCR. We have multiple top-rated partners that offer both laundry and dry-cleaning services at reasonable prices. To know more, we request you to download the app.

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