5 Things Not to Do after Lockdown Ends

The coronavirus epidemic has caused a sudden transition in lives across the world. Every one of us is at home in the process of self-isolation, as directed by the governments. While some are having a good time at home but some are eagerly waiting for the lockdown to conclude. You may be planning to meet your friends, go out for shopping, etc. Well, it’s best to take some preventive measures because there will still be the possibility of contracting the infection.

So here are the five things you shouldn’t be doing after the lockdown ends.

1. Don’t Stop Wearing Mask

A practice you should swear even after the lockdown ends is wearing the masks. Post relaxation we might be visiting some places where you might get exposed to the virus. So whether going to a busy place or office, there’s no harm in using masks or homemade face masks. Continue to use face masks, wash your hands and practise social distancing for at least a bit, to avoid getting sick.


2. Avoid Vacations

It’s been observed that the movement of people from one country to another has contributed to such a spread of this disease. Even after the relaxation, try not to plan any vacations for a few months. Just imagine, if a recurrence happens, then you have to quarantine yourself in an unfamiliar country without a quick way to reach home. So it’s safer to stay home and be safe.

3. Don’t Visit any Bars or Clubs

With the frequent increase in COVID-19 cases, you may never know who is infected or not. At this time visiting crowded places like bars and clubs could increase the risk of catching the virus. Therefore, if the lockdown ends, the tradition of social distancing is better continued.

Similarly avoid throwing big parties, assembling for family functions or gatherings. Protect yourself and your family as much as possible by avoiding these functions.


4. Always Wash your Hands

We all have been asked to follow good hygiene like washing hands to reduce the risk of experiencing a life-threatening disease. So once the restrictions are relaxed, you should continue to follow this hygiene procedure because someone around you or someone in your company might have the virus. Don’t stop this good habit of regularly washing your hands using sanitizers and others as it will keep you healthy and fit for long.

5. Cover Face While Cough and Sneeze

Do cover your face when you get to sneeze or cough in public. We all know that the water droplets are a major source for the coronavirus or any other virus to spread. Thus, it is advisable to maintain public hygiene. Always cover your mouth with tissue or cough and sneeze in the folded arm.

We all have been confined to our home during the lockdown and once it gets over, one wants to regain the freedom to move. The smart thing to do is remain cautiously optimistic because we don’t know what the future holds.

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Cover Face While Cough and Sneeze