7 Cool Ways To Remove Ink Stains

Forgot to remove that broken nib pen from your pocket and had a mishap at office? Or, your little one decided to work on their drawing skills and practice it on your shirt? Whatever it may be, a bad ink stain doesn’t have to spell the end of your favourite garment.

Now removing an ink stain can be a challenge depending on its kind. Water based ink stains are super easy, while ballpoint pen stains fall some in between and when it comes to permanent markers, well that can be your worst nightmare!

But Launderette’s got some cool new hacks to get rid of that dreaded ink stain.



Seems unexpected? Well an overnight milk bath work perfectly for soft supple skin and for nasty ink stains. All you’ve got to do is take a shallow bowl and fill it up with milk, dip the garment inside the bowl enough to submerge the entire stained area and let it soak overnight. Next morning, launder as usual.


Thank your stars if you spot that ink stain while it’s still wet. Quickly grab a salt shaker and generously sprinkle it all over the stain, gently dab it with a wet tissue and brush it off. If you feel there’s still a hint of the stain, repeat the steps till it’s all clear.

Hair Spray

Did your little one go wild with that ballpoint pen? Get a hairspray. The least expensive one will work the best. Just place a clean towel underneath the stained area, squirt out the hairspray all over the stain and blot it with clean paper towel till it’s all gone, and launder the fabric as usual.

Nail Polish Remover

Before you get on to this one make sure you test it out on an inner seam. If all goes well, take a cotton ball with some nail polish remover and wipe it over the stained areas just the way you do it with your nails. Once the stain is all out \, wash the fabric with soapy water and then finally rinse it with fresh water.

Rubbing Alcohol

For those pesky permanent ink stains this one may do the trick. Now the liquid may not remove the permanent ink mark completely (precisely why it’s called permanent) but it’ll definitely lighten it. Like the nail polish remover, first test out the liquid on a hidden seam and if all goes ok, go ahead with the process.

First place a clean dry towel right below the stained area and using a cotton swab blot it with rubbing alcohol, you’ll notice the ink starts to fade away while the towel underneath becomes wet. Put the dry side of the towel underneath the stained area and repeat the process till there’s no more ink that you can remove. Rinse and launder the fabric as usual.

Note: Rubbing alcohol can get pretty harsh of the fabric so make sure you rinse the fabric multiple times.

Cornstarch & Vinegar

And here’s our favourite DIY stain-removing ingredient – Vinegar. Saving lives like never before. But this time it’ll work best when combined with cornstarch. First, you’ve got to wet the stained area with a little vinegar, next mix 2 parts of vinegar with 3 parts of cornstarch to create a paste and dab it over the stained area. Wait till the paste dries up, scrub off the paste and wash the garment with a regular laundry detergent.


If you want to use this method, the pen marks are guaranteed to come right off. All you’ve got to do is download the Launderette app, choose from top-rated laundries and dry-cleaners, schedule your pickup and let us handle your dirty mess.

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