8 Ways to look slimmer

Whilst nothing can substitute for a exercise good diet free of additives, oily food and refined sugars, sometimes you just need a quick fix. With winter layering, you can definitely take advantage of a few strategic outfit adjustments.

Here are 6 tricks to give the illusion of going down a few sizes instantly.


Dressing in one tone gives the illusion of greater length, as the eye sees one uninterrupted line. Color contrasts however standout and highlight your middle, and the eye focuses on those areas.

Well-fitted, tapered jackets

The sharp lines of a jacket counteract curves and bulges, making you seem thinner. However, stay away from loose sleeves, as you’ll look larger than you are. Invest in something well fitted, and if in doubt, go on the more snug fitting side.

The materials

Heavy, stiffer or bulkier materials like leather, suede, velvet, corduroy or flannel add extra volume you don’t need. Instead, for for slimming fabrics like fine cotton or cashmere.

V necklines

More skin exposed between the chest and chin will balance your proportions. A v-neck creates an upside-down triangle, which draw the eye up away from the midsection. Interesting necklines all contribute to this effect. This is especially good for broader hips and bulging tummies.


If you wear something loose on the bottom like culottes, then choose something tighter on top and vice versa. Never pair a baggy top with baggy bottoms – you’ll not be doing your shape any favors.

Past the waist

Cardigans and jackets that go past the waist makes your torso seem longer than it is, whereas ones which stop at the waist look blocky and shorten your frame. Anything that sharply divides the waist is a no-no!

Shoes that match your skin tone

These add some more inches to your legs (as long as you don’t add any colored tights in the way)!

Darker colors under light

Become a layering-pro and make sure your darks go under your light clothes. For women, a high-waisted black skirt is flattering on all body-types and can be worn with a tucked in top. Alternatively, pair it with a longer cardigan on top that goes past the waistline.

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