Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 Style Trends

1. Red

Move over LBD. The LRD is now officially a thing. Translate this Netflix tone from your screen to IRL monochrome red outfits. Inject a pop of colour into the bleak winters, inspired by That Chloé dress. There’s no shortage of Bollywood celebrities proving red suits are definitely in – bold, bright and festive.

2. Glenurquhart check – AKA Glen Plaid

The suit is back, this time in grey. Think CEO chic with a playful note, pair your grey prints with some off-kilter accessories like bold boots or statement jewellery and pair work with play.

3. Leather

We know, it’s a bold one, which is why we’d probably advise against head-to-toe leather in the office. However, check out Priyanka Chopra and Malaika Arora Khan working their chic glossy numbers. Have a go or work in some glossy pieces into a more neutral outfit.

4. Cords

Shifting from its 90s geek-appeal, cords have been given the catwalk-okay from Mulberry, Prada and Marc Jacobs.

5. Pic’n’Mix jewellery

Jewellery no longer obeys the laws of symmetry, with mismatched and upside-down earrings and a mishmash of materials, the rulebook no longer stands. Get creative!

6. Slouchy boots

Think 00’s Kate Moss and 70’s hippy – this shoe is the perfect comfortable winter style statement to amp up your vogue-factor when paired with the simplest of outfits. Carry a drawstring bag with it for extra style points.


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