Bizarre clothing revival hacks

1. Cashmere Jumpers

What: It is covered in pesky little fluffy bits – dreaded pills!

How: Run a disposable razor across extremely gently to de-pill your sweater. Remember to go slowly and soon you’ll have your winter jumpers looking as good as new

2. Odours in your clothes

What: your clothes smell like cigarettes and that awful lingering scent won’t leave

How: Fold them up, toss them in a bag and put in the freezer overnight. The cold temperature gets rid of the smell and as a bonus, prevents shrinkage and keeps them fresh. Just remember to take them out of the freezer well in advance of wearing them!

3. Laddered tights

What: You’re at the office and you see a tell-tale hole appear – help! How do you prevent it running further?

How: Give it a blast of hairspray or a dab of nail varnish remover to stop it dead in its tracks.

4. Constantly unzipping fly

What: No matter what you do, that zip keeps slipping down, leaving you on edge and constantly on the lookout.

How: Get a safety pin to link the zip and the button above it for a quick saviour. Easy!

5. A stuck zip

What: You’ve been tugging at the zip for ages and either you can’t escape that leather jacket you’re trapped in, or you just want to wear something and finally head out of the door.

What: Add a bit of Vaseline to loosen the zip and make it that bit easier to undo.

Launderette – we deliver clean.
Dry cleaning  – wash and fold – steam iron – wash and iron

Bizarre clothing revival hacks