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How to Prevent Mould and Fungus in your Closet

During the monsoon, mould growing especially in closets is a very common problem. Mould is the result of two key factors in wardrobes: condensation and damp clothes. Even poor ventilation can also lead to mould growth. They do cause a considerable amount of damages. They leave a must odour, discolour the fabrics especially leather, and

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Sauce Stains remove tips

How to remove Sauce Stains from Clothes

We all love French fries with ketchup but hate the mess that is sometimes create. The worst part is that most sauces contain oils which can make it difficult to get the stain out. But don’t worry, we at Launderette are there to help. Here are the few tips you can try to remove the

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Cover Face While Cough and Sneeze

5 Things Not to Do after Lockdown Ends

The coronavirus epidemic has caused a sudden transition in lives across the world. Every one of us is at home in the process of self-isolation, as directed by the governments. While some are having a good time at home but some are eagerly waiting for the lockdown to conclude. You may be planning to meet

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10 Things That Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

Germs and bacteria can be found on plenty of things around the house and the place that tops the list is the toilet since they harbour as many germs and bacteria. Several less obvious places are even dirtier and have even more bacteria than a toilet because we don’t realize how dirty they are and

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10 Bad Cleaning Habits You need to Break

Everybody likes a clean and beautiful space but when it comes to cleaning our homes, we all tend to make mistakes. These habits not only add hours to our cleaning time but also make our effort ineffective. No matter how many new tips or hacks you learn, but you can’t follow up those until you

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Cleaning Tips When Someone is Sick At Home

When someone in your home has contracted a cold, the flu or other infectious diseases, the first duty right after you get them well is to prevent the illness from spreading to anyone in the family. Besides following some hygiene practices such as covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing, it is crucial to know

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