Cleaning Tips When Someone is Sick At Home

When someone in your home has contracted a cold, the flu or other infectious diseases, the first duty right after you get them well is to prevent the illness from spreading to anyone in the family. Besides following some hygiene practices such as covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing, it is crucial to know how to disinfect your home to prevent the spread of the virus and lessen the risk of being sick or making other people ill.


Selecting the right disinfects.

Mild cleaners and water won’t do the trick when it comes to killing viruses and bacteria. So you must use those disinfects that are a little stronger than usual and can do their job right. Something like an anti-bacterial cleaner, chlorine bleach, alcohol wipes or some homemade cleaner. Before using them, do read the label directions. Also never mix cleaners with other cleaning items like ammonia, as they can cause injury. You can also try mixing a little Dettol in water and mopping your house clean.

Clean the frequently touched areas.

Viruses can live on the rigid and non-porous surfaces for the longest time, so it is important to pay attention to those surfaces or areas that have been affected by the sick person. The key areas for disinfecting would include remote controls, telephones, computer keys, doorknobs, switches or any other surface you might reach sometimes. You can wipe them down with some good cleaning solution. If you run out of a good cleaning solution, try using alcohol based wet wipes.


Change the Bedsheets.

When you fall sick, the bed is one such thing that will offer you the much-needed rest. But spending time in bed with viral flu or a cold can leave germs and viruses on the bedsheets and pillow covers. So it is advised to change those sheets and pillowcases after the use to avoid the spreading of illness.

Make sure you wash them in the washer at a relatively high temperature and a strong detergent.

Wash Clothing Separately

It is necessary to wash the laundry of an ill person separately from the rest of the laundry— the clothing of an ill person may contain viruses from their body fluids which can be transferred to other clothes. You can either hand wash or machine wash it. Add some bleach or anti-bacterial cleaner to hot water and wash over a period. Also, the humid atmosphere in the washing machine may potentially create more germs, so wipe your washing machine the laundry is washed.

You might be cleaning up, to keep yourself and your family safe but you still need to follow extra precaution.

  •  Make sure you and your family members always wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  •  Do clean every surface, bedding, clothes and other items with a household disinfectant.
  •  Stop washing with sponges and rags, because they can carry germs. Try using alcohol based wipes
  •  Try keeping the distance as much as you can from the sick person.

These are a few cleaning tips that one can easily follow at home. You can also share your tips and hacks in the comments below. We’d also recommend you to give Launderette a try. Launderette is a professional laundry services provider in Delhi and NCR. We have multiple top-rated partners that offer both laundry and dry-cleaning services. To know more, we request you to download the app.

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