How often should you wash your gym clothes?

It’s been a long day but you’re determined to get a workout in before tucking into dinner. However you’re down to yesterday’s activewear and it seems to pass the sniff test. Is it really that bad to put it back on?

Our advice?

If it got drenched in sweat last time – don’t risk it!

Re-using gym clothes which collected sweat from your last workout is not a good idea as even if they don’t smell, they contain bacteria, yeast and dead skin cells which multiply. So, wearing those clothes again risks introducing these bacteria to your body, causing skin infections, particularly where the garments are fitting tightest. Moreover, dirt and sweat on reacts with oxygen, bringing about yellow, difficult to remove stains.

Re-wearing workout clothes can clog pores, cause breakouts/acne/dermatitis, or yeast infections that can occur anywhere the skin folds.

It also decreases your immunity, leaving you more prone to colds and other illnesses, as your re-exposing yourself to germs and bacteria.

Polyester (which encourages the growth of Micrococci) and spandex are the worst offenders, compared to cotton.

The exception?

Performance fabric (e.g. water resistant nylon) or loose fitting tank tops can however be worn a few times, but only if used in low impact sports. In this case, allow your top to air dry. However anything drenched in sweat should be washed after one use. If washing below 60°C, ensure you are using an anti-bacterial laundry cleaner. Those deceptively clean looking track pants or leggings actually collect sweat from the workout like your upper body does – time to give it a wash!

The gym bag

This is where all your kit comes together, be it sweaty socks to damp towels. To avoid bacteria and germs spreading to clean clothes, wash your gym bag regularly and ensure you always put your sports shoes in a plastic bag. Always empty your gym bag after each session to avoid germs incubating overnight.

The bottom line?

Wash regularly to avoid bacteria building up in the fabric.

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