How to De-wrinkle a Shirt without an Iron

Many of us have been in an embarrassing situation when you arrive at work in a wrinkled shirt or dress. Or maybe you’re at home, but you don’t actually own an iron or you’re on a business trip, and you carry your wrinkled blazer. Even if you don’t have an iron, you can try these cheats for crease-free clothes without an iron.

1. Mattress

This is one of the effective way to get wrinkles out of your cloth. All you have to do is to roll your shirt as if you were rolling up burritos. Once they’re all tightly rolled up, place them under your mattress for an hour or as per the need. The result will be like pressing your clothes using an iron.


2. Blow Dryer

This is probably the simplest method especially when you realise that your favourite shirt is not ironed. Damp the creased area and gently blow dry it on low heat. Also, make sure that you should keep a distance of at least two inches so that you don’t damage the garment. The wrinkles will disappear right before your eyes!


3. Hair Straightener

I know this sounds bit crazy but you can use your hair straightener to remove small wrinkles. It’s particularly useful to iron areas like your shirt collar. Just keep an eye on the heat setting so as not to damage your clothes. After following up this procedure, you will realise that flat irons are more than styling your frizzy hair.

4. Hot Shower

If you’re planning on wearing the shirt that has wrinkled, hang it up in the bathroom while you shower with all of the doors and windows closed. When you get out, the wrinkles will have softened completely. This trick has been tried for years to remove wrinkles fast. You can save you a lot of time in the morning by using this tip.


5. Damp Towel

This is another reliable tip for you. Place your shirt on a flat surface and put a damp towel over the wrinkled clothing and press down to smooth out the wrinkled areas. Then, hang to air dry. Job is done!

These are the few tips that you can follow. But if you still feel that following these methods will not give you a perfect ironed shirt, then you should seek expert help someone like Launderette. We are the best dry cleaning and laundry service providers in Delhi NCR. We provide services like wash & iron, steam iron, etc. at an affordable price. Do book a slot and avail the best services!

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