How to Prevent Mould and Fungus in your Closet

During the monsoon, mould growing especially in closets is a very common problem. Mould is the result of two key factors in wardrobes: condensation and damp clothes. Even poor ventilation can also lead to mould growth. They do cause a considerable amount of damages. They leave a must odour, discolour the fabrics especially leather, and sometimes even eat away the clothing fabric.

How are you going getting rid of this mess? Here is your guide to learn more about and get rid of this sort of mould.


  1.  Since it is been at present stated, that mould is caused by dampness. So never hang damp clothes in your wardrobe. Let the clothes dry out completely then place them in the wardrobe.
  2.  Make a habit of storing clean clothes in your wardrobe. Since mould can be easily grown on soiled clothes, and the same will affect your other clothing. Make sure you do lauder those soiled clothes before hanging them up. If you don’t have time or the clothes already have mould, then do look for a good laundry service provider in Noida.
  3.  Place some silica gel pouches in your closet or between clothes. The gel will soak up the moisture and prevents fungi from developing on clothing. But if you want more of a natural approach, then use neem leaves instead. These leaves are known for anti-fungal properties. Place a few neem leaves with the stem attached in your clothes to prevent mould.
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  5.  Storing clothes too closed reduces air circulation. Poor airflow makes it possible for the mould to expand and spread. Therefore the best thing to do is don’t overfill your wardrobe. Allow air to circulate between them to reduce moisture.
  6.  Clean the closets occasionally. Shift things out, clean the shelves, or run the vacuum if required. Allow the fresh air circulates for several hours in the closet. .Doing so ensures you keep them fresh and airy, reducing the potential for mould production.
  7.  Inside your cupboard, add a low-voltage bulb where possible. It helps generate mild heat, which absorbs moisture and bacteria at bay, also keeping the closet dry. Be sure to keep the bulb well away from clothes and anything else flammable.
  8.  Don’t ignore the musty odours, which might be caused by mould growth. If your closet smelly musty, locate the source and get that area cleaned immediately. White vinegar can be used to remove the mould. Before continuing, do run a patch test on a small area.
  9.  Replace wood shelves with wire shelving so the air is free to circulate in the wardrobe. Lightweight wire shelves are even more resistant to mould than conventional wooden shelves.
  10.  Lastly, avoid storing clothes in plastic bags. The plastic traps humidity around the fibres and, the dampness leads to mould growth. Keep them in a breathable packaging like cotton bags.

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