How to remove stains while at a party – 6 ways

Uh-oh. You’ve partied a little too hard and have spotted yourself, mid-party, covered in a ferocious stain that is giving you a mild panic, ruining your beloved outfit. It happens – lipstick, a splash of gravy, the dreaded red wine marks or coffee spills seem to strike when you least expect. You obviously can’t do any laundry or dry cleaning, and while a quick internet search of clothing hacks shows up countless stain removal hacks, you’re at a party and haven’t  exactly got access to stain remover, vinegar, baking soda or hours to let it work. So what can you do with what you may have lying around?

Here are some ways to delay, or completely banish the stain.

1. Lipstick

Bread. Yup, you heard us. The crusty bit of the bread can be rubbed on lipstick to gently remove the stain. Give it a go! If it is on silk, pressing clear tape and gently lifting it off can remove the stain.

2. Oil

Oil stains are a toughie, but you can delay them by blotting it as best as possible. Add anything powdery like salt, baby powder or artificial sweetener on top of the stain immediately to allow the powder to soak in the oil.

3. Foundation

Quickly run to the loo and if you’re at someone’s house and spot some shaving cream lying about, gently rub a spritz of shaving cream onto the affected area and rub the foundation out.

4. Food

With a knife, lift off as much of the food as possible and then resist the temptation to rub! If the mark is oily, add anything powdery to absorb the oil and then remove the powder. If you are in a position to let water run through the fabric, try to wash it out, else do your best to blot it with a wet cloth, working from the edges inwards.

5. Coffee/tea

This problem can strike at the office too! If it’s a fresh stain, running cold water through the stain might be enough. For an older stain, mix in some soap and water, letting it sit for a few minutes (not letting it dry), then loosen with your thumb. Finally, wash it out with water.

6. Red wine

Ah the dreaded red-wine spill! Chances are, everyone at the party will have their own ‘hack’ for how to get rid of this one. White wine on the red wine stain is probably not actually going to help. For a fresh stain, running hot water through may be enough. Salt can also be added (if the wine hasn’t yet dried) to absorb the wine, and then rinse it through with warm water.

Dry stains are harder to remove, but if you get home and notice loads of pesky marks all over your outfit, do not worry. Leave the after-after-party situation to us!

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How to remove stains while at a party – 6 ways