Sitting At Home? 10 Ways to Organise Your Cupboard Better

Most of us are hit hard by the boredom at home due to Coronavirus and followed by the lockdown. So we all are wondering what to do which can be entertaining and might help you later. One such thing is organising your cupboard; it will streamline your daily routine and provides you with an excuse to extend your wardrobe by creating spaces. If you want to make the most of your closet, try some of those ideas for organizing and storing wardrobes.


Pull Everything Out

The first most step one needs to follow while organising your cupboard pulls out all the clothes off their hangers and from bins or drawers; it can also include additional accessories such as belts, scarves, purses, or ties. Place on those your best (ideally the best place) so that you can pile them by style from there only.

Select which clothes you’re going to wear

When it comes to sorting clothes, we either keep all of them or give away all of them (a case of a dilemma!) Start by dividing your clothes into four separate stacks: The first pile is Keep for all your favourite and always wear. Then comes to Donate id for these things need to be in good condition but are not is useful for you. Lastly comes the Trash for anything dirty, torn, poorly styled or cannot be recycled should be included in this pile.

Organise-Your-Cupboard tips

Clean the cupboard

Before putting the clothes back to the cupboard, you should first, run or sweep the vacuum, and mop the dust. Finally, using a decent all-purpose cleaner, wipe the shelving, hanging rods, walls, and baseboards down. Lastly, dust the hangers which you were using. Whether you plan to make some adjustments like painting a new colour inside, or adding and removing some shelves, do so now.

Using divider drawer for undergarments

The ideal place to keep your undergarments in the cupboard is the divider drawer. Roll your undergarments, socks, and belts to maximize space in the compartments and make it easy to see. Or watch a Marie Kondo video to learn how to rollup such small clothing.

Colour Coding the Garments

A habit that you should swear by is colour coding the clothes. This can be done like the grouping of your t-shirts— for instance, keep your shorts and sleeves separate or arranging them according to colours like all pink garments together. This little practice will help you in an easy finding of items.

Stack up thick items

Don’t use those useful drawers for storing voluminous sweaters and hard jeans. You can simply stack them up because they are robust and dense, which means that when you store them you will not slump, crinkle or lose their shape. You can clearly see every item in the row, making your searches easier.

Hang Scarves on Hangers

If the scarves are thin then, of course, you can roll them up or stack them. But it is a safer way to arrange them by hanging your scarves on a hanger. Because of which the will be free from wrinkles and easily seen and more likely to use them frequently.

Invest in laundry baskets

Instead of using laundry bags, buy some laundry baskets instead. They not just encourage sorting but also help you to carry your dirty clothes to the washing room without a struggle. These are baskets that are easily available in the market or you can buy one online.

Change your cupboard’s outer appearance

Bored with how the outside of your cupboard looks? Then think about adding some fun to the everyday dressing. You can paint it with some soft colours, or add some sparkle mirrors. Or hang up a picture or a painting that makes you smile when you open your wardrobe.

Tada! Your Closet is ready

Once all this is done, take a moment and appreciate yourself for the hard work. Now your cupboard is now arranged to make it easy to find both its clothes and its overall appearance. If not take some time and make those minor adjustments. Do try to keep your closet organized, or remove and return those which are not useful.
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