Things you should never do if you have a washing machine

Washing Machines are truly a lifesaver, just toss the dirty, stained clothes in the machine and after a wash cycle they come out to be perfect. But if you don’t use it properly then, you might be ruining the clothes as well as the performance of the washing machine. To avoid this, below are the common mistakes you should never make to your machine.


1. Using an excess of Detergent

Most of us think that if our clothes are very dirty then we would need extra detergent. But actually, it’s not true. It is easier to wash a load with a regular amount of detergent twice in a row than to load it with additional detergent. Also, the excess detergent will not wash away properly. These detergents will trap in your clothes or end up on the interior of your washing machine and can dirt up the unit’s components.

2. Selecting the Wrong Setting

Clothes can also be damaged if you wash them in the wrong setting in your washing machine. Although most of our cloths can be washed in a normal setting but one should also learn to pull out the clothes with special instructions. It is better to know how to adjust the built-in settings of your machine to fit your clothing. This will not save your clothing but also your washing machine.


3. Not Emptying the Pockets

It is important to empty the pockets of trousers and jeans before you wash them. The coin could end up blocking the filter or causing a continuous noise as your machine spins. Also, make sure to remove any tissues or other pieces of paper from your pockets. When you’re in a rush or simply forget to do this, pieces of soggy paper might end up all over your wash which you don’t want.

4. Overloading the machine

The other mistake we should stop doing is overloading the washing machine. Overloading the machine would result in less optimal results in the washing and may harm your machine. More importantly, it could damage the way the drum spins, and, over time, this could shorten the life of your machine.

Since every machine is designed to wash clothes with a certain weight, make sure there is space between the drum load and the top of the drum itself.

5. Not reading Care Labels

We all have this habit of throwing up the garments directly into the washing machine without reading the care labels. This can cause bleeding of colours, shrinkage, and damage to the fabric and technically increases your workload. To learn how to wash your laundry properly you would need to learn the instructions for that type of fabric from the manufacturer. If it states, dry-clean, then you should get this done from some professional dry-cleaners.

6. Forget to Level the Machine.

Unbalanced loads make it much harder for the washing machine to operate than it should, eventually causing the unit and its components to wear and tear. If your washing machine is unbalanced try to fix it right away or you could end up with costly repairs later.

7. Leaving Wet Clothes Inside

We all get distracted by other things while doing the laundry but leaving a load of clothes in the washing machine can lead to mildew and smells that are bad for your clothes and washing machine. Set either allot a designated time for the laundry or a timer on your phone so that machines are periodically turned off to avoid a smelly and damages.

8. Forget Maintenance

The last mistake is forgetting to maintain your washing machine (which is very easy to forget). After every wash, clumps of dirt and detergent will accumulate on the washing machine around the door seal. Because the seals are made of rubber, this sort of thing will cause the seal to damage over time and reduce the machine’s lifecycle. Maintenance of the washing machine does not take long and will give your machine a new lease of life.

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