3 Tips for Premium Clothing Care

1. Storage

Preventing moths – store clothes only when they are as clean as you can get them, as food or perspiration stains attract insects and moths. Cedar blocks or rosemary/lavender sachets can also be effective.

Cloth covers – leather hates plastic – it makes it dry out. Instead, opt for breathable cloth covers. Embroidered clothing too can be prevented from blackening with fabric covers that keep dust, moisture and insects out.

Store with cedar chips – Cashmere and wool love cedar chests, or being surrounded with cedar chips.

Out of sunlight – as a general, all your clothes should be stored in a cool, dark place. Cotton is especially sensitive to mildew and acid so should only be stored when thoroughly dry.

2. Indian clothes

Indian clothes often have embellishments; beads and embroidery so should be carefully dry-cleaned. Avoid hanging your heavy Indian-wear as the weight of the water causes it to loose shape, instead roll it in a towel to squeeze out water. Do not iron high quality Indian garments, especially silk saris on high heat. Instead, steam iron only after the fabric has dried out.

3. Fabrics

Woolens should be dry cleaned then stored in airtight containers or bags. Knitted and silk jersey fabrics lose shape if on a hanger, so should be stored flat.

Cashmere – If washing, use the delicate cycle or ideally, do it by hand. Don’t wring this out, as you’ll damage the fibers. Instead, gently roll it in a towel to remove excess water. Lay it out flat when drying, out of direct heat.

Pashmina – this blend of silk and cashmere should be washed in warm water, although can survive the machine. However, lay it out flat to dry and avoid machine drying.

Denim – Turn it inside out and wash it in cool water. Dry it on a rack and avoid a machine dryer.

Hemp – This sturdy fabric is stronger wet than dry, and dries quickly so only needs to be hung. Avoid dry cleaning.

Blends – if in doubt, go with the primary fiber in the blend.

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3 Tips for Premium Clothing Care